Exercise 5.1 – Planning your project

Exercise 5.1 – Planning your project

  1. Write yourself a set of aims to follow on from our initial sentence (see below)
  2. Complete the method section with detail relevant to your preferred project
  3. Add some more specific points for reflection


To bring together your learning over the course by creating a final project and body of work that combines two or more strategies to explore some course themes in more depth


  • Make initial visual enquiries about

What kind of image do I want to create?  What is the process/purpose I want to go through? How am I going to execute it? What is the concept for it?

  • Collect materials together by combining at least two of the strategies investigated in this course

I want to work on a bigger scale based on researches of Louise Borgeouis , who worked in panels, Egon Schilele who drew erotic drawings .Both drew a fair amount of women figure. I also want to use “collage” method learned in Part two and “The process” learned on part four

  • Create some studies and exploratory work investigating ( see on sketch Part five)
  • Make some drawings or series of drawing which will bring your own ideas to images


What have you learned about drawing materials and their potential within a drawing practice? Reflect on your final body of work in your learning log. ( See on Assignment five final body of work)

My investigation 

Kintsugi is the Japanese art of fixing broken objects in a way that it looks better than the original piece before the breakage. Golden


I want to incorporate the concept of Kintsugi which fascinates me in how they transform a broken object into a better piece using and old, traditional and very precise technique.  I also want to apply this similar technique in my drawing exploration using  the concept of women ageing. I want to show that women might get “broken” for many reasons as they age and it is in these flaws that a new sort of beauty and strength arise.  I am take inspiration in the way Louise Borgeois depicted women figure with her washes of watercolour and the irregular lines. I also get inspired by Egon Schiele lines and use of space and mostly his erotic women’s drawing. I think the same can be applied to an ageing woman’s body which changes with time but it also can be seeing with eroticism . I hope I can put all these aspects together and develop my own unique image where I can implement some collage work and also using large scale drawing to be more risky in this new exploration through drawing media.


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