Assignment 5

Review of Artists: Egon Schiele and Louise Bourgeois

 Egon Schiele, 1890- 1918 and  Louise Borgeouis 1911-2010    

The reason have chosen these two artists is because they both inspire me with how they expressed their emotions and feelings in art. How they dared to show their deep thoughts and struggles putting pain and pleasure in at the same level of expression. They  were both intense, passionate and focused in what they want to produce. They had a mixture of anger and love in their lines, sometimes smooth and with a flow, sometimes thick, irregular, heavy.   

Egon Schiele in a very short life career has created more than three thousand drawings and  although Gustav Klimt was his mentor , Egon developed his own style. His work intrigued me at first with the way he used space and his mark making was very unique with dry brush strokes and irregular spontaneous lines. The distortion of his figures merely affected the shape and beauty of the women’s body he drew.  His erotic and daring ways of drawing his models in very revealing poses and also in his various self portrait is nonetheless surprising  considering the time he lived in. He risked and openly expressed his deep feelings and emotions as well as his  psychological disturbances in shocking yet artistically beautiful ways. I like how he focused mostly in the models, in unusual positions with absence of  background .Most of their facial expressions were strong and all  sexual and erotic feel exudes in every drawing. His lines were spontaneous and the unfinished limbs or hands/feet was just another trademark of his work . It had to be finished that way like the end of a string that he used to contour the drawings. It was simply  unnecessary to add any more to it. I learn something interesting overtime I observe his work. I want to keep exploring and drawing the human figure with similar rawness and flow. 

 Louise Borgeouis who was primarily a sculptor with an avid ability working on materials such as : stone, bronze, metal, wood and embroidery .The large scale sculptor Maman – a spider considered one of the largest sculpture in the world measuring  30 feet high and  more than 30 feet wide gives the idea of  her remarkable talent and ability to work from drawings, concept and finished product . Maman started as drawing and it was a revelation to me of  how some artists generate ideas to develop into sculptures starting from some sketches/drawings. Her drawings series that encouraged me to keep exploring my mark making possibilities are : L’ infini about unmapped expanse and life cycle . I like the washes of watercolour,  the  shapes  reminds me body organs and  the predominant colour red . It is all powerful, with strings, resembling veins and bodily parts seeing from the inside. “Insomnia” are drawings of repetitive patterns, in different sizes and some containing words , or poems also with predominance of red colour. In my opinion, these drawings are  engaging to the eyes as if you are been hypnotised when looking at it.  “10am When you come to me”  is a more sentimental work. It is serene, calm and simple. It shows a lot gratitude for her 30 years assistant Jerry Gorovoy.      Don’t Abandon me” ,her collaborative work with artist Tracey Emin refers to the loss of both – unborn child of Tracey Emin and Louise loss of a child. Again, the washes of watercolour, limited palette with dominance of red and blue, body shapes, genitals and sexuality shows feeling and emotions overflowing from the paintings.  The balance between delicate lines and blotches of paint is beautiful. I am so inspired with Louise Borgeois work because her transparency in transport raw feelings, emotions and concepts making the worse that came out of her conscious and unconscious mind into her best pieces of work as an artist. 

Assignment 5 : Kintsugi Woman

My final body of work is an image in large scale of a ageing woman’s body. It measures 1.50height x 1.00width.I drew  and coloured it in watercolour, then I torn it up into pieces to  glue it together, rejoining the pieces  as in the Japanese art for ceramics called: Kintsugi- where broken pieces appeared to look better after it is rejoined  with a special technique applying golden colour paint. The difference is that I applied the technique on paper and used golden paint . Drawing was smooth and easy but when I had to tear it, my emotions came out, it hurt me in a way. The reconstruction of it was comforting and brought me a certain amount of pleasure fixing something the way I could.

Kintsugi: The art of embracing damage (2014) [user-generated content online] creat. Nerwriter, 30 May 2014 at :

(Acessed 11 May,  2019)

My initial idea was to use expressive lines, a la Schiele, maybe just shapes or a clock in golden colour to represent how precious time is. It then developed to some silhouette of women and the clock to show time running out but it didn’t quite work the way I imagined. It just didn’t fit together. In the end I decided for a simple spontaneous drawing of a female body. An ageing body but yet still very erotic and sensual. Something I have always liked in the work of Bourgeois and Schiele . I chose the blue/turquoise colour after I decided to use “Kintsugi” concept   because it seems to be a very suitable colour for ceramics.The most tradicional and beautiful pieces of Japanese ceramic I have appreciated were in the shades of blue.  I wanted the drawings to resembled a bit a ceramic piece . I tried a few positions and angles but my final piece turned out to look a bit like a sculpture and I liked it that way. The outcome of the final body of work has the right grandiosity, expression and beauty I wanted to deliver.


Even though  I was happy with the result of my Assignment 5 final piece, after a video call  with my Tutor Adam Thompson ,he  suggested that it would be really good to make a series of pieces for this final Assignment. A series using the same concept with different techniques I have explorered in this module. Considering the work above is too big to send for Formal Assessment and folding it to send via mail would probably damage the presentation , having a series of work photographed together with the main piece, would be perhaps greatly appreciated by the assessors.



kintsugi woman – collage on paper

I first started working with collage which I still think there is a lot room for improvement because collage is  new to me. I just wanted to explore how I feel about it. Following the same concept: Ageing body x Kintsugi, I chose one of my lose sketches and pasted images of the women I admire most, and they work/ worked until over the age of 90! Yayoi  Kusama is 90 years old , Iris Apfel 97years old  and Louise Bourgeois was 98years old when she died. Incredible women and artists. My collage involves not only their image but a touch of what is  the trademark from each of them. The naked female body of Louise Bourgeois, dots of Yayoi Kusama and an accessory for Iris Apfel. I torn the work into pieces again in the same way I did for the Final Assessment piece to rejoin the pieces  with cuts of golden paper. The result is not as interesting I have imagined but I got stuck in what more I could do. Collage can be very challenging as in when to stop or when to add more.


My second piece to add to the series is a piece of felt that I drew the shape of the body, cut it again and stitched with yellow/goldish threat. I add details with acrylic paint and painted over the stitches with golden paint. It is a small piece but I want to keep the consistency as in the same kind of work and concept.


Finally, I made an old woman’s body model out of paper Marche. I layered with molding plaster to give it a more sculputure alike look. The turquoise colour was done in acrylic .To deconstruct it I had to use hammer in someparts and a knife in others. Another painful process and yet I knew that a relief would come right after when I started the process of reconstruct it.


The series photographed together is to show the difference between scale and technique as well as how I applied each different technique but kept the same consistency with the subject and concept. I still like the first piece because I wanted to work in big scale and present a very spontaneous drawing but I understand that for my formal Assessment, exploring other ways to represent my initial idea would be more interesting .

Assignment 5 Reflection 

This Assignment pushed me to challenge myself in trying something different, risky, to  experiment more. Although I still prefer the first piece in big scale, I understood that for a final module Assignment I needed to show more, work harder. It was my first time doing collage and 3D pieces. Collage was the most challenging experience. Collage takes a lot planning in a way and it is time consuming. I am an impulsive person  and I like to express and feel my work in a single moment. I am trying to learn how to take a step back, start a piece and go back after a day or two  and see with fresher eyes what others possibilities are there, what can I change, improve. I am not sure I am there yet or if  it works for me but I am taking risks and experimenting different ways of doing art, it is all very valuable at this point.I want to take every opportunity to learn, to find my voice and path as I see and try new things.  3D was another new experience and I like the results. My pieces are  surely a very beginner product but I am considering the process and what I have learned so far. Exploring Drawing Media was overwhelming with the amount of information, techniques and  processes. I have again discovered artists that I would never have if wasn’t part of my researches. The only thing that worries me now is my academic levels in reading, writing and learn how to critically see and write about art. I hope I can get all the support I need at OCA as I am putting all my heart into this learning journey. I know I can see art well, I can feel and understand, I am finding some new skills I didn’t know I had such as expressive abstract drawing. The difficult part is to put it into words, present my work for the formal assessment. It makes me apreehensive .

Katia Chester Report 5







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