Assignment 1 – Fluid media

Assignment 1 – “My guts”

The process

This Assignment was due to be done in August when I supposed to be back from holidays. Unfortunately I had made a big mistake and missed my flights all the way from Malaysia to my hometown in Brazil. I have been stressed for a month now with work and this trip but I guess everything happens for a reason. I had to postponed my trip and there was no much left to do but wait a week for the next rearranged flights . Somehow  I find that my art and studies brings me some sort of comfort and I dedicated a whole full week to finish the first part of EDM. This Part 1 has been very interesting. I have learnt completely new concepts of drawing and researched amazing artists who had very different approaches to it. From Louise Borgeois emotional drawing to Geraldine Swayne soft and full of character images, and then Franz Kline with strong, confident brush strokes to finally William Blake who had supernatural sources as inspirations and Henry Moore who brought sculpture and abstraction to a new level. It is always fascinated to understand the artists journeys, their styles developing and changing through phases in their life, what and who influenced them, the message they pass or passed through their artwork  and all their accomplishments as artists.

I have decided to work with watercolour and using A3 paper . I think it was the most suitable size because it would allow me to work quicker on wet to wet technique . I truly enjoyed Louise Borgeois work, how she drew her emotions out. I like the shapes she uses, colours, use of space and the intensity of it. I am a very emotional person and at this right time I can just feel some very strong emotions coming through my mind, body and as a relief , through my drawings. It has been so much stress lately and the only thing I can feel and think when times are like this is a big knot in my stomach. It is so clearly tight and suffocating that I can’t hardly eat! This knot is exactly as if my guts are tangled and everything is kind of stuck inside me. I start working on many sketches, they all came out very similar and eventually some of them took the shape I wanted.

The process – sketches of my feelings



Final Assignment Part one – Fluid media 


 Assignment 1 Reflection 

I fully devoted myself to this assignment. I spent days thinking, taking notes and imagining what kind of image I would like to create. I can’t deny that Louise Borgeois was on my mind all the time. The collaboration work she did with Tracey Emin called ” Don’t abandon me”  was the inspiration for this piece. I think I have absorbed this kind of fluidic media with the flow of emotions and feelings very strongly. From the first exercise I identify myself with the colours, female body shape and what goes on inside my body according to what and how I am feeling. The knot that goes around inside me and wraps my throat is exactly the feeling I have in stressful times. It all happens there, in the centre of my body, where my stomach and guts are. I wanted to exteriorise it in a very expressive way. I worked quickly in the first layer and used counterpoint dry media to add a few details after it was dried. What I can remember of my imagination is what I have studied first, Louise Borgeois and last ,Henry Moore. I wanted my image to come out in a sculpture kind of shape, having a heavy body feeling and the fluidic drawing going on inside. I am pleased with the result. It consists in what I have learnt in Part one and applying the knowledge   I have just  acquired in my art.

Katia Chester Report 1

Louise Bourgeois

Contextual study point 1- Louise Borgeois 1911-2010

Louise Josephine, French- American know by her large scale sculptor, was also a printmaker, painter and feminist. She studied  with cubist master Fernand Leger in 1938 who recommend her to study sculpture . In 1945, Bourgeois opened her first solo exhibition at Bertha Schaefer Gallery in New York. Two years later, she mounted another solo show at Norlyst Gallery in New York. She joined the American Abstract Artists Group in 1954. Her friends were Jackson Pollock, Willem de Kooning, Mark Rothko and Barnett Newman, whose personalities interested her more than the Surrealist émigrés she met during her early years in New York.  Louise has a very personal approach in her art exploring themes like domestic life, relationships,sexuality and in later life, death, the subconscious and fear. Her childhood memories and traumas reflected in most of her work. Art was a way to channel her traumas and pains. Louise carried a lot anger and resentment through her life regarding her father. He was an abusive man and maintained a long term affair with her English Tutor ( around 10 years).Her mother resistance to react to it, leaving the situation unchanged increased Louise’s suffering. Her mother for instance held her love and admiration, for her strength, patience and intelligence. Louise seemed to have always worked ahead of her time, she expressed herself in a ways that female artist wouldn’t dare during the 70′. The video of Tracey Emin on Louise Bourgeois is very insightful and shows a lot of Louise’s style, emotional and intellectual expressiveness as well as her bold, straight forward and eccentric character. of her work were influenced by her relationships at the time and her surroundings. One of her most impressive work is the sculpture dedicate to her mother which was the result of a series of 27 drawings first done in charcoal in 1947. Louise Borgeois sculptures carried intense feelings of events that either was about something that made her life worth living or was the cause of her pains. It all can be felt in her sculptures sizes, shapes, textures and weight. She master the art of materialising emotions and feelings in her very own visuals. This article from the the guardian describes her essence and in paragraphs with her own words. Her approach to Sculpture, drawing, modern art, England, Feminism and spiders. Louise’s ability to use her emotions and intellectuality at the same time to  understand her angels and demons  is what made her work so solid and meaningful.

Some of her drawing series that I searched before choosing “L’infini” as reference for the exercise are:

Insonmnia – 1994/1995 is another series of drawing that held my interest and attention for its richness in details, patterns and lines. They are simple patterns but well arranged in perspective, shapes and sizes, causing to me the effect of dream alike visuals, it feels like what I am being hypnotised . When Louise said “ Red is a confirmation at any cost” is a strong statement as many of her drawing series the colour red is vastly used and it is what brings that emotion out of me when I observe the images. It is emotional, real and raw. 


10am when you come to me! – 2006 – Refers to the time when her long term assistant and eventually carer Jerry Gorovoy would arrive. Jerry worked with her for 30 years and knew many sides of Louise just by looking at her first in the morning. There 20 sheets of drawings series of his and hers hands showing the importance of care, helping, dependence, support, friendship, love. It is a very sensitive work, serene, simple and yet with all the emotional e personal context that was something consistent in Louise’s artwork. One of the pieces of this series is a large scale of 40 sheets combined for one large image.


Don’t  Abandon me- Collaborative work between Tracey Emin and Louise Borgeois- 2009, are sensitive, delicate and rich drawings made by Tracey Emin and coloured by Louise Borgeois. The result is a work that shows a strong chemistry between them. They were in tune with each other and shared topics related to both that they carry with them in their daily life. One of them is the loss of a child. Tracey Emin lost an unborn child and Louise lost a son. It a series of very feminine and emotional work with very genuine touch from both artists.


L’infini – Into infinity – 2008, is my favourite series of drawing of Louise. It is about life cycle. She was 97 years old when she painted them. It consists in sixteen large work on paper. The drawings are of female bodies, couple, childbirth, disembodied limbs and body parts. There are also shapes, spirals and the colours red, pink and white were used. Veins and the umbilical cord were also part of the images. It is powerful, emotional, raw and very intricate.

It is fascinated the sense of seeing the inside of a body in an artistic way. It is as if she was showing her internal cycle of life flowing away, getting to an end after a long, complicated, beautiful, restless, entangled and clear bold moments.I like the  effect on colours exploding, fading and drifting around the paper in some of the drawing.There is a liquid flow in it. Others are more bold with dry brushstrokes and unfinished parts. It feels to me like phases we have in life: some smooth, light that goes with a flow, and others are harsh, dry, sometimes unfinished. Then the tangles and turns and curves are the choices we have and make . It truly has deep meaning to me, It touched me in so many ways. I loved knowing about Louise the Borgeois work and her as a woman.