Assignment 3 – 3D tree house


Assignment 3 – “Tree house”

For this Assignment three I have decided to make an object of a drawing as I really enjoyed exercise 3.1- Constructing a drawing. It was a very simple construction of a drawing but gave me the feeling of what if I could transform some of my ideas on paper in an object? I think that Part Three gave me a bit of  knowledge of how can an idea, a sketch, being transformed into a 3D image. I learned that now Drawing and sculpture can be intertwined and many artists I have looked at in the Drawing Room- Exhibitions ( 14 September – 11 November 2012) at: like Anna Barriball, Aleana Egan and Knut Henrick are using drawing media as a start of what could or not started as a drawing and become a sculpture. Louise Borgeois and Henry Moore who I have researched about in Part one would also have many of their  ideas sketched before turn some of them into sculptures.

I have also being always fascinated by miniatures and particularly, the work of  Tatsuya Tanaka have inspired me with my initial idea for this Assignment. Although Tatsuya doesn’t mention drawing but taking photos of small objects and work purely on images,  I still consider his creative skills in developing his artwork very detailed, meticulous and consistent.


Miniature Artist ,Tatsuya Tanaka ( 2018) [user-generated content online] Creat. Tanaka Tatsuya, 13 February 2018 at :

Another inspiration for this Assignment is my favourite Animator of all times, Hayao Miyazaki. The creator of Totoro, a creature who lived inside a tree trunk, and I have the art work book of all the drawing that became the film in 1988.

My Neighbour Totoro Trailer ,( 2008) ,[user- generated content online] Creat, Chung, Kevin, 15 March 2008 at :

I join some ideas of Tatsuya Tanaka, Hayao Miyazaki and my sketches to build a project of a miniature tree trunk bedroom entitled :” My dream bedroom. I built it out of recycled cardboard boxes, toilet rolls and brown paper. I joined all the parts together with masking tape and hot glue and painted with acrylic paint. The inside of the trunk  I designed with some of my kids old toys.  A small jewellery box for a bed, napkins for the carpet, a hand made  duvet and pillows made out of  pieces of cloths I had at home, and the person and fruits made of kids play dough. I cut some tiny pieces of clothes and hang on the ladder. My masterpiece wall picture of one of my favourite artists: Egon Schiele. The inside  deco pretty much describes my aspirations: minimalistic, simple and art driven. I spent two whole weekends working on this project but I am happy with the result.







 Assignment 3 Reflection

EDM module has had a big impact on how I use to see drawing. From simple sketches to mixed media, collage, 3D, sculptures and other experimental art, I now feel that I can take my ideas further than the paper. I am learning the process of transforming and exploring ways of drawing but I have come so far to the conclusion that it is a huge universe full of possibilities. This Part 3 has also helped me to investigate more about artists who work in unusual ways, who beyond being creative and artistic, take risks to think out of the box in terms of making art. I have tried collage, different medias, 3D drawings, understanding how installations take space and place and although I still feel there is a long way to go for me to define a style and finding my way, I am glad that I even was capable of execute a work beginning to end and finished up with my 3D/sculptures piece of art. It is surely an amateur work but it also shows my learning journey, through depicting what was in my mind, what had inspired me and how I reproduced in a way that I can share with people my imagination. So far I am still keen on exploring more mixed media and expressive ways of mark making. I am looking forward to developing more knowledge and understanding of “the process” which will be in  Part four. My hang out video call with my Tutor Adam Thompson is always very helpful and motivating as I feel confident listening to his positive comments about my previous work and his suggestions on pushing my self more, take more risks and do more and more of what interests me. My time is definitely an issue as well as the lack of appropriate space in my house, but I try my best and although I know there are things I would love to give it a go ( like large scale pieces) . Adam gave me some great tips of how I can keep doing it in smaller panels and then join them together to see a big picture. I will definitely try it.

From My Tutor Adam Thompson on report 2: Points for Assignment 3

  • Continue to experiment and explore your visual thinking in different ways, using a wide range of methods and approaches learnt so far 
  • Experiment working on a larger scale and consider how are your body movement affects the type of marks you can make.
  • Build confidence with your subject matter and integrate themes of personal interests into the exercises and assignments
  • Reflect on this feedback on your blog with a summary of the key points.

As I review my pointers for this Assignment I think I have explored something really out of my comfort zone and I am very proud of it. I have never tried a 3D artpiece and this experience gave me confidence to keep doing it and to experiment other materials as well.

Katia Chester Report 3