Assignment 4

Assignment four – The process

Blind Drawings, (2013) [user-generated contnt online] Creat. Anastasi, Willian , 23 May, 2013 at:

The Museum of Modern Art (2019) at:

I must say that this in this module EDM my greatest discoveries were : Louise Borgeois, Cy Twombly and William Anastasi and his “blind drawings”.

Artist’s statement – Assignment four

More and more abstract expressionism is bringing sometime strong out of me. The video of William Anastasi is quite an emotional one to me. It is intense, and my main thought was: For an artist, a visual artist, closing your eyes to what you are executing is ironically so “eyes opening” ! The concept of Anastasi of drawing while walking, or inside the train, or in big scale,   is one of the great discoveries I have made of drawing through this journey so far. I also learned a lot from  Louise Borgeois emotional drawings and the lose audacious drawings of Cy Twombly. What interests me most in these  artists is the courage to dare  open their wounds or urges and express themselves without concerns of  negative criticism. I want to have that courage to go out of my comfort zone of drawing detailed ,beautiful and realistic drawings to express myself more freely and say it out loud how I feel in them  without any concern if it rather  will be understood or not.  Through these artists I start finding out my passion for mark making inspired by different reasons. It could be by life events, inspirational people, feelings or simplify by just let it flow out of my mind and hands. My aim for this assignment is to explore more my ability of expressive drawing, finding the moment and ways to achieve some quality pieces. It feels very liberating and although in terms of drawing, the human figure is of great interest, I think by starting just freely explore more mark making will get to a way to interconnect both. I like the concept of mixed media, abstract drawing, collage and expressionism. This is what I want to experiment for Assignment 4, more than a finish piece, how I fell about the process.


I really like how the drawing above came out. Among all the drawing expressive and spontaneous drawing I did, focusing on the process of “flow” and being inspired by some Traditional Japanese folk songs and my Dad’s memory, this particular one has the strong marks, colours and movements I wanted to achieve. Although it is abstract, it reminded me Japanese drums and the red lines it as if the drums sticks could live a mark on where it hits. I wanted to enhance this image working with some mixed media and collage. Again, I wanted to submerge myself in the process more than the outcome.



Assignment 4 Relflection

The process was another learning journey. I still struggle with collage. I like to work with it but I find it hard to position images and make it too much or too little. I don’t know if I should overlap, cut, scribble. That is so many ways to use collage, it overwhelming me. It is a challenge for me and that’s why I wanted to include collage for Assignment four. I don’t know how the idea of including strings appeared but I had in mind the strings not glued or to close to the paper, but with some space in between  as I liked the effect of  line shadows reflection depending on where the light comes from. The process was pretty organic, cutting pieces of card board by hand without making them completely the same, glueing them with a certain space in between without measuring and tie up lose ends in the back. I think the organic part is also something that reminds me traditional Japan, drums, the fisher’s villages, crafted things. Tying the strings in the back and making them straight and stretched all around the frame was also very challenging. I kept doing it for days, including some images and excluding them, taking photos to review and making a final choice. I think it was a real “process” not focusing on the outcome but somehow I think the final piece is an interesting one.

From my Tutor Adam Thompso on report 3: Pointers for Assignment 4

  • Consider your subject matter for the next part and integrate personal themes and interests into how your approach the exercises 
  • Combine and continue to explore all the methods and approaches to mark-making you have tried so far
  • Reflect on this feedback on your blog with a summary of the key points

I am developing and becoming more confident in express my mark-making in various ways. It has been a very interesting journey in EDM and there are many themes that interest me, I still haven’t decided to stick with one.

Katia Chester Report 4 (1)






Contextual study point 10: Notations exhibition

Going through the Essay ‘The Porous Practice of Drawing’, by Meredith Malone, in my understanding, drawing overall is a important component to the practise of art . Rather the artist  focus on the material or on the ideas ;the visual and physical results needs a starting point. Sculptures, installation, site-specific work or paintings are a result of processes which sometimes is what the drawings will influence most or when the drawings were simply a jot down of a moment, and will dissolve or lose importance depending on the artists outcome , progression or improvisation through beginning to end. Donal Judd and Dan Flavin gave high values of their drawings which for them exposed the process of creation and stranded as vital counterpoints to the sterile perfection of the standardised industrial Minimalist object. There is a lot information that goes into the drawings, and  for me it is equivalent to a manual of instructions and steps in order for the artist to conclude his ideas into the piece he wants. Carl Andre on the other hand didn’t think of drawing to be as essential as Dan Flavin. He believed that in his sculptures , the process would reveals itself as he goes through it. Richard Serra was the same and he stated ” I never make sketches or drawing for sculptures. I don’t work from an a priori concept or image. Sculptors who work from drawings, depictions, illustrations are more than likely removed from the working process with material and construction”. He still used his drawing though but his approach to it differed of the one from Dan Flavin. In the same way that Barry Le va gave a lot importance to his drawings. Some of his statements about drawings prove it. ” to be alone with myself”, “to discover and clarify my thoughts”, ” visualise my thoughts” and to ” convince myself some thoughts are worth pursuing”. Drawing will play a different role for different artists from conceptual or experimental, it will act as decision making  or feeling aroused during the process by the artist. The very unconventional Willian Anastasi who developed a series of blind drawing in the subway journeys to a more systematic approach of Sol LeWitt , Three-part variations on three different kinds of Cubes, 1967.

“Visualise my thoughts” ( Notes (undated), reprinted in Accumulated Vision: Barry Le Va (Philadelphia: institute of Compotemporary Art, 2005, 89.) would be the quote that describes best what drawing means to me. Sometimes the images does not come out exactly the way I have in my mind. Sometimes the result is disappointing and I still can’t pinpoint where it went wrong and sometimes it goes above my expectations and gives me an extra push to take my ideas further as soon as I have the main starter on paper.

I liked the idea of Anastasi of blind drawing, I haven’t tried exactly as her work has been described but I usually have some great experiences on typical doodling or sketching random images while talking on the phone or listening to music. It is not a planned drawing or with any intention. It captures my unconscious movements that sometimes will triggers ideas or simply bring out my mind images and thinking process. Through this module I discovered the pleasure and purpose of simply mark making to reach another level of drawing. I am attracted to a more expressive and energetic sort of drawings rather than systematic and planned. EDM is helping me to refine some skills that I think I always had but did not consider relevant to the act of drawing. As a learner of art, my concept use to be of drawing to form a figure or object in details and aesthetic shape. I feel a lot more satisfaction in drawing now that I take it as simply my own way of expression, exploring new materials and techniques and find a way to create meaningful pieces of my own expression.