Sketches – Assignment 2

From my initial idea of a cocoon, to the addition to a lotus flower and finally working on my “Happy Death” collagraph.

Then my plate construction :

Finally all my prints to have a choice for final Assignment piece:

Exercise 2.4 – Sketches



I painted a background with black Chinese ink and some metallic gold paint.Completely forgot to take a shot of the background only….

and finally decide that it was ready by choosing the final image….


I have being inspired by Cy Twombly audacity and had a go trying something careless for a change. The result was interesting and It felt so good!


I then, had some ideas for a new collage/mixed media artwork, using one of these painting as background but it didn’t quite work. I think it became too busy and visually tiring but I enjoyed the process.

Finally, I went back to a background I use in exercise 2.1 and it worked a lot better.

I have done some more couple sketches to develop in to more collage work but somehow I like it to stay as it is

Exercise 2.2 – sketches

For this exercise, and in general collage exercises, I cannot get the hang on sketching, I find it easier to put the objects/images I want together and play around until I decide what I want to do.

I tried I few sketches but it was pointless.


At last I chose this composition.




This was the process, starting with the lemon – most challenging part because of the light spots in the middle. The rest was ok, I think I managed to give it the simple light and dark contrast required.