Assignment 4- sketches

These sketches were all done in A3 paper, they are purely expressive, a bit abstract I think. I used charcoal – one of my favourite material. Sometimes I splat some red paint or used Chinese ink. They were all spontaneous movements . My concept for these sketches is : Japanese folk music. I drew all of them while listening to very old Japanese folk songs. These song  are repetitive and for some people , very tedious. They are mostly about fishermen’s life, the sea and words that depict   everyday life in villages. I attempted to write a few words I understood. Although my spoken Japanese is quite fluent, I do not write much. I think the percussion in those songs really puts me in the mood for drawing. I moved around the paper with my whole body as I was dancing with my hands on paper, drawing movements that came with the flow of the songs . I kept a very limited palette as I really like the oriental style of using only black and red on white background.

This song is one of the Traditional folk songs and it brings me beautiful memories of the country side of Japan.

I also had a try on William Anastasi ” blind drawing” and these images bellow came up:


And finally the ideas for Assignment four:

I decided to use some collage and mixed media to add movement and life to my piece


Exercise 4.3- Drawing and thinking/sketches

I first had in mind for this exercise telling a quick story about my family or the Japanese immigration in Brazil. I thought about simplify their or my Dad’s journey but I got lost after a few sketches. I couldn’t make it clear and yet not too long. The most vivid thing in my mind was then the death of my Dad, how I felt and how could I put it on paper to tell someone in a beautiful way because after all it was a peaceful pass.

Here are the sketches, starting from family story to sketches about my Dad.

Exercise 4.2 – Labour and time/ sketches


At first I thought of doing a large scale portrait just on scribbling. I practise a couple but didn’t quite match what I want to achieve. I then decided to use Washi paper( Japanese paper) and did a large/long scale painting: rose petals rain, but it wasn’t what I really want. Finally the coffee stain idea felt just right and my 1metre portrait worked exactly the way I was expecting to.


The cats above entitled : “Coffee Cats” was an exercise that happened very spontaneily . No planning, no much thinking. Each cat was traced once with pencil and outlined with chinese ink. I painted them over with coffee, letting it bleed out of the lines, let some drops overflow here and there.